Sweet minimal dub-techno and deep house brought to you by the people at Deep in dub. Sit down, and soak it up as gentle waves of dubness envelop you. Every now and again understated funky rhythms emerge from the warm layers of synth to get your head bobbing and your feet tapping. A perfect sound for a chill out session on the weekend.

The title track, Soul Flight kicks off slowly with mellow washes of synth. Layers of understated rhythms emerge from the mix, gently building then organically falling away into the ocean of dub. “Horizon Line” and “Axiom” continue the minimal dub techno voyage.

“Mirrors” will get your head bobbing and your feet tapping to it’s soft and deeply funky dub house. To my ears the last two tracks don’t stand up to the first four, but all in all Waveform’s debut album is definitely worth a listen.

Perfect for a lazy sunny day.

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Netlabel // https://deepindub.bandcamp.com/