With “Siesta” by Channel 3000 you live on the sunny side of the street. Four funky house-tracks await you on this EP to make you smile. With lots of mexican trumpets, you’re ready to dance through the night of the fiesta. Netlabel-Music for the beach, happy cocktail-parties and a hedonistic shake-your-ass-live-style!

Oh, they stole some delicious samples! But let’s start with the ready-to-dance-track called “Solar”. This tracks reminds me of Ian Pooley and his enthusiastic house-productions on “900 Degrees” and “Since Then”. And “Solar” starts with slowly swinging hips to prepare you for a night of smiles and sweat and wonderful bodies.

The electro-orientated “Color TV” fastens the tempo than, to lead into the best track of this light and delicious EP: “Holiday and Ice Cream”. The right release for this summer and a…

…true funky and vibrant fiesta mexicana!

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Release // Channel 3000 – »Siesta«
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