Rubinskee’s productions sound like a dirty ol’ bastard which mother was a disco-frenetic and who’s father loved harsh-technoid electronics. On “Telurico” his mexican tracks pump with a straight pounding bassdrum, a smashing clap on the 2 and 4 and let the bassline fuzz around while you glide along on some shiny 80ies synthie-sounds. Glamour for the Elektro Bunker!

Konfort tell us about their own artist, that he “updates the kitsch spirit of Mexican sci-fi films of the early seventies” and gives them a new soundtrack. I’ve never seen a mexican sci-fi-movie but I could imagine, that the pumping beats would fit perfectly.

As ingredients for his electronic dance music Rubinskee throws some really funky herbs into the disco-bowl. Together with solid subbass-driven frequencies we celebrate the end of humanity with some hedonistic bodymoves.

While the dancing queen in you likes these old-school disco-sounds, the male headbanger sticks to the solid grooves and keeps sweating. This sound comes from Mexico but works perfectly in each club on planet earth where people party with a post-glitter-disco-attitude. Just turn on the disco-lights!

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