The japanese musician Asa knows how to keep the tension. While we’re hooked on his melodic endless grooves he carefully builds his tracks and adds slightly new musical elements. His house-music catches and carries us into some sort of peaceful condition in which we float on calm, bleeping and sweet synthesizer sounds.

“Bifocal” is a hypnotic 3-tracker release on the non-profit Bump Foot netlabel from Japan. While “blue zone” is a more techno-orientated track “bifocal” and “wind focus” drift on melodic grooves. While “wind focus” keeps a more deep house-focus the title track “bifocal” melts us with sweet melodies. Listening to “bifocal” feels like lying lazy in the sun at the beach. I guess it’s time for some sweet dreams.

PS: The only thing which strikes me a little bit is the sudden end of the tracks.

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