I’m not sure about you, but since the very beginning Dusted Wax Kingdom has always been one of those netlabels that somehow never lets me down. Most of the times, the releases are quite short, but are always filled with delicious loops and samples. And this one is not an exception.

It is nice to see how a transatlantic musical collaboration can work so well. Mr. Moods is a canadian beat veteran, who has released several albums freely on the internet. One day he stumbled upon Le Rêveur, a french jazz sample master, and Lo-Fi Scientists were born.

The practical result of that? Four tracks of scratch and sample wizardry, that should be enjoyed with the “repeat” button on. Sweet jazz with a hip-hop layered structure,“vinyl cuts and crispy phat beats”, not so lo-fi as their name suggests.

Ok, so it may not be a perfect record, but it’s definitely worth the time you take to listen to it all. Over and over again. And if you need to take a break, don’t dismiss a soundtrack like this!

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Release // Lo-Fi Scientists – »Lo-Fi Scientists«
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