Willbe is one of those musicians originally coming from the demoscene in France. With his heart pounding for melodies and HipHop Beats his free album “Waxxelerated” hit me years ago. The melodic album with hiphop instrumentals was produced with one of those programs called trackers. No doubt you hear on this album how loop-driven most these old tracker productions were. But what counts is the groove, and on “Waxxelerated” you get plenty of it.

Yeah, Willbe remastered his ten-years-old netaudio-masterpiece. And yeah, it still sounds more LoFi than HiFi. But nevertheless I love the vibe and “Cruise the World” is next to “Zephyr” still my favorite Willbe track.

So give this classic a listen. Enjoy how Willbe mixed all the tracks slightly together for an unique listening experience. Expect straight forward running breabeats, exotic samples and melodic grooves. Let’s cruise the world!

PS: If you like the album, spend Willbe a dime or two on bandcamp.com :)

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Release // Willbe – »Waxxelerated (10th anniversary remaster)
Artist-Website // http://www.willbe-music.com/