Michael Rugamba Negele is a cosmopolit. Together with his buddy producers Comfort Fit, Elaquent and DJ Madsen he presents a soulful, jazzy and intelligent Hip Hop/R’n’B style. Born in Rwanda, Mishoo was already in his youth a refugee of the war in the African state. Together with his German father and Rwandan mother he moved to Germany in his youth. Then he discovere…

…Hip Hop, a pencil and his voice to write poems and ryhmes. With “Born in the Land of a Thousand Hills” Mishoo The Drumkit presents us today a small documentary of his path till today. And I must say, I like his smooth way to rap in a deep relaxed voice. Still very American he doesn’t bores us with stupid Glamour-Glitter-Shit. No, furtunately he focuses and tells us his story. An intelligent way to introduce yourself as a musician.

Also I like leaning back on the exquisite beats. Smooth rhode sounds shimmer while Comfort Fit, DJ Madsen and Elaquent with his killer opening-track roll us a fantastic spliff. Seven tracks fitting together perfectly. Nodding heads allaround guaranteed. If you like Hip Hop and R’n’B Grooves, I know you gonna dig this!

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Release // Mishoo The Drumkit – »Born in the Land of a Thousand Hills«