With their fifth release of the “Intelligent-Toys”-Series Sutemos and Walkman the guys behind Sutemos.net present once again a beautiful and huge compilation of music around IDM, Ambient and sweet Electronica. The Lithunian musiclovers managed once again to represent their collective and extraordinary artists from abroad.

Find out how they convinced artists like Vladislav Delay to join their mission »

Sutemos is quite around some time now in the world of netlabelism, creative commons and netaudio. How did it all start and who are the main characters behind Sutemos?

There are only two of us behind all this - Sutemos and Walkman. We don’t want to steal the glory from other people - there were a lot of them who helped us all through the way, but only two of us remained constantly on this Project (if ir might be called so).

It all started out of love for electronic music. Nobody knew it back in 2000 in Lithuania, so we felt that we should promote and share it. It all started with reviews, news and articles. Then we started the English version of the website and the netlabel came in only few years later.

What impresses me much is that you delivered extraordinary artwork along with your music releases. It seems that you are some sort of collective. Do you come all from the same city? Do you work together? How close are your bonds and why do you present these artworks together with your music?

The story behind the artworks is pretty simple - most of them are done by the people we know. We just happen to take part in a pretty cool community of local artists and they tend to like what we do. Nowadays it also turns to be a good platform for promotion as well for artists which join us from all over the country and even from abroad. There are also some cases when a certain artwork is a wish of the artist (i.e. 3tronik, FusedMarc) and they already have somebody to complete it. We don’t really mind that as long as we like the result ourselves.

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When I have a look on the stunning art of the “Intelligent Toys”-Series I have the feeling, that this art is very much influenced by Eastern Europe artists. Do you agree and if so, by whom are your visual artists influenced?

This is partly true. Especially with Intellinget Toys 2. Back in time we felt that some Russian electronic music does not receive enough attention so we decided to fix that. And now we just like what the guys do. But we don’t really mind the nationality.

How did you manage to convince known artists like Vladislav Delay, AGF or Ulrich** Schnauss to join your mission and to present their music productions for free?**

Well, it’s always about luck. It’s really nice to know that a lot of artists already know what “Intelligent Toys” is.

We also already met some of the artists and they know what we do and why we do it.  “Intelligent Toys” are not about the money it’s about exposure to the music. I guess that implies some of the musicians.

Some of them just like to try out releasing on a netlabel.

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Together with the above mentioned artists a lot of the other artists come - I guess- from your collective. What do you think makes the Sutemos sound special and different from other releases?

Sutemos.net was always about the stuff we like - we wrote news about the artists we love, we reviewed their albums (that’s what most of them received high grades) we interviewed them and we always released only the music we like. We have done lots of work since then and now it pays off. Sounding special is just a matter of our subjective musical taste. Nothing more.

What is the story in the video clip? Which language is it and what does the singer sings?

If you are asking about “O Nei” music video there’s some story beneath it.

Walkman’s girlfriend no_joy was studying animation some years ago and since she really loved this track she chose to make a music video for it as her final bachelor exam. Most of it is hand drawn and animated in Flash. It took about couple of months to make it. Walkman also did some editing/post production on it .

I don’t really know the story behind the track itself (you have to ask Sleepy Town Manufacture about that) I just heard that the singer was in France and send STM the files with the vocal over the internet. And it is in Russian language (“O nei” means “about her”)

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What can we expect from Sutemos in the future?

We always have a lot of plans, but not all of them turn to be real. For now I can say that there will definitely be Intelligent Toys 6 (it’s going to be really massive!), new album of stockfinster and some other stuff, but we will leave the joy of discover for the readers

Thank you very much for the interview!

Phlow Rox!

Review and Video of the New Compilation

And now, dear reader, check out and download the compilation “Intelligent Toys 5” or have a look on the stunning music video from Sutemos.