Run for Cover No. 6 // Phlow Magazine launched a series dedicated to the art of Netaudio: “Run for Cover”. In bulk sequence, wonderful artworks are presented and discussed. For the sixth edition, I decided to go for Netaudio-hardliner Buben and the haunting comic-artwork for his “Primogeniture” EP at Myuzyk Netlabel.

Central part of the front cover is an amphibian- or fish-like creature, lurking in the lower middle of the picture. Image a black water lurch or some kind of dark-skinned catfish. Long antennas or barbels arise from the creatures forehead. In a similar manner, additional “antennas” in different noxious colours are displayed. Broad white bands to the far left and right inspire the effect of looking at a mysterious aquatic creature, siting at the ground of a jolly brook. The artist’s name “Buben” is put on a sticker-like circle in the very middle of the artwork. Four bulky leaves bloom from this spot, sending a set of red spermatozoa (?) to the upper end of the artwork.

I like this cover for different reasons. The choice of color is as adventurous as ill-minded and disturbingly beautiful. In concert with the bright white elements and the zippy cartoon-style illustrations, any obvious Gothic clichés are avoided. Casual Fiend managed to create a certain kind of tension, derived from the chosen use of acute angles in a set-up of smooth curves, their specific idea of color and a vague, rural sexuality that eventually exists in my head solely. The title “Primogeniture” points in this direction at least.

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Release: [Buben - “Primogeniture”

]( “Buben @ Myuzyk”) Netlabel:

Artist (Music): Vlasdislav Buben

Artist (Visual): Casual Fiend