Time is flying, but 2009 was a good year in Creative Commons music - opposed to the music-lobbying from the global major labels. 2009 was also an interesting year from the political point of view - where I had lots of discussions, not only with music-activists, netculture-lovers, but also with people who formed the still new Pirate party here in Germany. For me CC-music was always a little bit more, than just putting plain mp3s into the internet. And maybe there are new opportunities coming up. The best is yet to come - the web is still a young fellow.

My activities 2009 did not only include talking, thinking and writing, but also manifested in real-life activities. I did co-organize the Cologne Commmons Festival and are running the site Netaudio-NRW - a site for Creative Commons Events in the area of North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) area. I still wait for other people, doing a similar project in other parts of federal states of Germany - or also in other countries. Let's build a network!

Because of Netaudio-NRW I attended many events with Creative Commons music playing, and I can only suggest everyone to do so, too. The vibes and the quality are usually at a very high level. Here are (in addition to the other Top-5 charts) my Top-6 events of 2009:

  1. Psycoded at Siegen (can't tell, but there was some certain magic)
  2. Das Blaue Monster, Aachen at the Journey (where I finally joined the FeD e.V.)
  3. goto80 at Cologne Commons (I am still speechless, especially about the screaming end of the show.. ;) )
  4. Modularfield at Kolbhallen, Köln 5. We-Ark Netlabelnight at Kunstetage, Köln
  5. Resisity / Fed e.V. Kickoff Party at Aachen
  6. Netlabelnights Düsseldorf (as a whole, keep up the things!!)

…unfortunately I still missed so many events, that would be worth it!!

Martin Wisniowski aka 020200