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Autoplate Waves Goodbye


Exclusive Compilation and Interview with Sebastian Redenz | From 2001 to 2008, Autoplate was the experimental subdivision of Thinner Netlabel. 50 high quality releases in eight years, the label was officially shut down three months ago with a beautiful EP by Russian Ambient outlet Slow. Time for us to get Sebastian Redenz in for a talk to shine a light on the Autoplate history and find out why the label had to cancel operation while Thinner is alive and kicking.

Slow - "Morning Love": Download

Dear Sebastian, please give our readers a brief introduction to who you are!

Sebastian: My name is Sebastian Redenz, I’m 27 years and being part of a team I managed Autoplate as A&R (Artists & Requirement). I also do A&R work for Thinner, am in the process of finishing my social sciences studies in Mannheim and am currently in the process of relocating to Frankfurt, where I work for Cocoon Recordings being my main employer.

When I read about the final Autoplate release and the associated demise of the label, I felt relieved and disappointment at the same time. Disappointment because one of the most reliable Netlabels for experimental music cancelled operation, relief because you finished it with a clean cut. Why did it take so long for Autoplate to wave goodbye eventually? Was the dismissal of Autoplate part of the Thinner relaunch already?

First off, thanks very much for the flowers. Indeed, the aftermath of our relaunch in 2007 things didn’t go as expected for various reasons. A new Autoplate website was planned but never entered production phase. Quite quickly after THN100 got released some major changes started to take place in the lives of all key members. Some went into fulltime employment, some started their own agency or were just busy studying, so it became obvious that the availability to contribute to a common project decreased significantly. We had to make a decision really – maintain two Netlabels on an equal marketing level, which wouldn’t allow growth or take the decision for one Netlabel and invest the saved time into marketing and developing the label.

Autoplate was always on a much smaller scale compared to Thinner, the label didn’t organize any live shows and the people never left much feedback. Unsurprisingly though cause there’re indeed many excellent Netlabels releasing ambient and experimental music. So we decided to fade the project out with a final release and to concentrate on Thinner, which just has a bigger audience and potential and thus is more interesting for all of us.

You are right to say that there are many excellent Netlabels for experimental music. Still, Autoplate introduced and established some big names to the scene. Think of Kevin Krebs, Jason Corder, Andrey Kiritchenko, Gultskra Artikler, Normal Music… Musicians of great talent and inspiration. The most successful is probably Martin Juhls aka Marsen Jules, ironically for both Autoplate and Thinner. Can you tell us what it was like to let him go? Martin is an recording artist now…

On the one hand I was very happy for Martin. By that time we were running both labels together and thus working together closely. His Autoplate albums definitely made things easier for him to acquire a recording contract with CCO, since both albums were downloaded over five thousand times each, being a big aid for his name to become noticed for this particular sound. This particular example showed the importance of promoting the music – for both albums Martin sent a batch of CDRs to magazines and radio stations. On the other hand it was unfortunate to see him leaving as an artist who probably had the biggest impact for Autoplate.

Autoplate and Thinner started in 2001. Re-listening some of the early Autoplate releases it’s quite obvious that the label sound was down to many evolutionary shifts. Does this reflect your own taste in music? Are you still interested in experimental or ambient music? Noting the impact of Marsen Jules, maybe you’d like to give our readers an impression what the stylistic development of Autoplate was due to.

I tried to keep the label exciting by staying versatile and work along a bigger picture of experimental electronic music. In the beginning we only wanted to release music with a conceptual "overhead beyond the music", inspired by Mille Plateaux. If you review the first Autoplate releases you’ll notice, they all come with album length playing time.

At some point glitch became rather uninteresting to me and I started looking into acquiring more ambient and electro-acoustic music for the label. Martin’s albums came in just perfect as we were already working together before, with him releasing as "Falter" on Thinner. Starting with his album we had a string of great releases. From there Autoplate always oscillated between deep organic ambient and intimate electro-acoustic music. Another notable highlight between the studio productions was the live album by Move D, which was later re-released on Bine Music/ Raster Noton. Today I’m still interested in these particular genres, but time constraints currently make the further continuation of Autoplate impossible, unfortunately.

On the Thinner blog, you started the “Netlabels Who Care” series. Do you follow the scene? Are you aware of new labels and artists? Any favorites you would like to mention?

I regularly check out about ten Netlabels. I monitor what’s happening and download the one or other release, it depends on how the release is presented to get my attention. If the Netlabel properly presents a release with artwork, info text and high bitrates it is likely that I check it out. Recently I’ve came along a statement which said that Netlabels gave a new bloom to ambient and experimental music in general. I couldn’t agree more!

Okay, thanks a lot for the interview and good luck for your thesis!


Farewell Autoplate! MP3 Compilation Download

Sebastian prepared a selection of personal favourites from eight years Autoplate. Make sure to download this epic piece of Netaudio history.

Exclusive Download of Autoplate Compilation

DOWNLOAD COMPILATION (205MB, zip-file inc. artwork)

Playlist and links

Another wonderful mixtape of Autoplate-exclusive material can be found on The mix is called "Down A More Minimal Part" and was performed by long-time Netaudio supporter Larry Johnston.

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About the Author

Phlow-Author Bettina Rhymes This article was written on 23.April 2009 by Bettina Rhymes. Bettina Rhymes is the journalist alter ego of Sven Swift. Swift runs the established CDr- and Netlabel and acts as a Netaudio DJ every now and then. Next to his job at Phlow Mag, he writes reviews about free music at Read more articles written by .


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  • A&R: "Artists and Requirement". Ist das die social "Web 2.0" Version von "Artists and Repertoire" - oder schlichtweg nen Tippfehler. ;)

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  • I read this article with great interest when it first appeared on Phlow... actually I read it with alarm at first, followed by disappointment, then finally with a warm respect tinted with melancholy for the owners/artists of Autoplate, after watching the reborn Thinner site for news of Autoplate's return.

    I only found the Autoplate label roughly around the time of Marsen Jules' first release, very quickly becoming addicted to the plethora of expansive soundscapes, aural nuances and stereo scenes available throughout the archives of works.

    For me, the greatest find was Jason Corder (Offthesky) and I quickly became equally addicted to the even bigger archive of more rhythmic material available on Thinner. Soon I found a vast network of other netlabels offering snippets of people's creativity for the price of a mouseclick and the time to sit, listen and appreciate the effort and talent sewn into these works.

    Well, I've returned here to Phlow (rather late I know) just to drop a little(!) note to say thank you to Sebastian Redenz, Autoplate and all it's artists and collaborators for opening my once squinting eyes and partially blocked ears to some of the most inspiring and sense-stimulating music I've had the sweetest pleasure of listening to.

    Autoplate may be at rest now, but my fascination with music and netlabels is truly in full flight, thank you once again.

    Gordon (aka DJStrange, UK)

    Gravatar of Gordon (DJStrange) Gordon (DJStrange) said on
    11. Aug 2009 at 12:39 am
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