Advent Calendar Door 8 // We like surprises, especially during Christmas Time. And while struggling, with our time issues, Masayuki, the brain behind the Japanese music weblog Music Forest, just sent us his Netaudio Charts by chance. Like his charts from last year, we are pleased and recommend you: Have a listen to what Tokyo Netaudio Underground likes to listen to.

Masayuki lives in Kanagawa, Japan near Tokyo. Next to his job working as an engineer everyday he listens and buys music. With his weblog Music Forest he introduces wonderful music aiming at Japan.

Top-5 Netaudio Tracks in 2008

  1. Der Reisende - “Die Blendenden Lichter dieser Stadt”
  2. Gareth Clarke - “Pax Assyriaca”
  3. Pornophonique - “Sad Robot”
  4. Speed Chess - “Be pleased my God”
  5. Wisp - “Out Of Season”

Top Five Netlabels

  1. Acroplane
  2. Lost Children
  3. Phonotactics Netlabel
  4. Rus Zud
  5. SWISHCOtheque Records

Top-5 Releases in 2008

  1. V.A. - 52 Weeks [PM008]
  2. V.A. - So Much Achieved. So Much Left To Do. [12rec.050]
  3. V.A. - Sociopath Community part.1 [SRmp3 100-1] // V.A. - Sociopath Community part.1 [SRmp3 100-2]
  4. V.A. - Sundae [VMX050]
  5. V.A. - Vortex [NTT050]