Afristralian is a programmer who lives in Australia and comes from South-Africa - hence Afri-stralian. He is a music fan of many, many genre’s but has a soft spot for anything electronic be it artistic, musical and physical. He spends his free time with music in his studio or writing reviews for his blog where he tries to hand pick the most accessible netlabel albums. His 2007 selection is mostly downtempo, ambient and IDM. Charts the afristralian way…

Afristralian’s Top 5 Tracks for 2007

Top-5 Releases

  1. Juno 6 - Kind 14 (from the album Lipsia on Hippocamp)
  2. Endorphin - Reset (From the album Red EP on Bumpfoot)
  3. Modul - Win.Blue: Tea 22 (From the album Cutting Edge on Electrosound)
  4. Modul - “Krasnodar: Aurora” (From the album a Place to Live on Electrosound)
  5. Sarin Sunday – Gateway to the Sun (From the album The Lonely hike on Archaic Horizon)

Afristralian’s Top 5 Labels for 2007

  2. 1bit-wonder
  3. Archaic Horizon Records
  4. I/O Netlabel
  5. Bumpfoot

Afristralian’s Top Artists for 2007