Martin Wisniowski aka 020200 cultivates his taste for music, extraordinary design and technical tools since quite a time now. As the labelhead behind the experimental netlabel 2063music currently he focuses more on digital tools and pixelism. So we are not so surprised to sound out the high influences of 8-bit-computers and their aesthetics while listening to his favorites in 2007. Chipstyle-music right around the corner.

020200’s Top-5 Songs

You find the release above on these sites and netlabels:

  2. <>
  3. Anamanaguchi “Helix Nebula” (8bit people)
  4. Proviant Audio “Welcome Wilderness” (Aquavelas Netlabel)
  5. Planet Boelex “Shower Curtain” (monotonik147)

020200’s Top-5 Releases

  1. Various (II) - Badlands (Pause Netlabel)
  2. Alekso Eeben “Spaceman far away from home” (self released)
  3. Nest “Nest EP” (Serenin)
  4. Sichtbeton “Sichtbeton LP” (12rec)
  5. Paniq “Neurons Fire at Will”

020200’s Top-5 Netlabels

  1. II Music (Pause Netlabel)
  2. Monotonik
  3. Serein
  4. 8bit peoples
  5. 1 Bit Wonder