The Machtdose site is driven by german musiclovers and bloggers Roland and Gregor. They love the underground, the non-compliant and its confrontation with everyday life. Besides their regular radio show at Radio X they also have a Podcast with monthly episodes introducing netaudio findings from the weeks before. Not only their podcast is a fantastic adventure, also their charts - collected by Roland - digg deep into the netlabel underground.

Top-5 Songs

Top-5 Releases

  1. iambic² - under these stars, we´ll sleep again (Laridae 032)
  2. Luisa mandou um beijo - Luisa mandou um beijo (A Regueifa Plataforma)
  3. Robintone - She Ate All The Pancake EP (Beatismurder 009)
  4. My First Trumpet - Frerk (Aerotone 009)
  5. Gorowski - Simulators can (WM Recordings 067)

Top-5 Netlabels

  1. Muertepop
  2. Aerotone
  4. Poni Republic
  5. Kreislauf