Christian Roth is the founder of Resting Bell, a young netlabel from Berlin/Germany. Started in early 2007, Resting Bell has released 18 EPs of Drone- and Ambient-music, including critically acclaimed artists like Off the Sky, K.M. Krebs, Astrowind and Adrián Juárez. Christian is 30 years old and works as a graphic-designer when he’s not playing with his cat.

Christian’s Top-5 Songs

Christian’s Top-5 Releases

  1. Le Mépris - “Le Mépris” [aer011]
  2. Various Artists - “Summer Gate. Sun Made of Gave.” [luv011]
  3. Bernier & Trottier - “Objet Abandonne en Mer” [12rec042]
  4. Muhr - “Poussière” [ser014]
  5. Machinefabriek - “Stuip/ Staar” [one035]

Christian’s Top-5 Netlabels

  1. Serein
  2. Aerotone
  3. LuvSound
  4. Miasmah
  5. 12rec.