10 years ago Mogwai started his project “Kreislauf” in Mannheim/ Germany. Meanwhile relocated to Hamburg/ Germany he keeps being busy all over the years. Nowadays Kreislauf is a little universe with a radio show, a netlabel, events and a personal outlet for netaudio-music charts. According to Mogwai’s his prefered sound is chill out music!

Mogwai Top-5 Songs

Mogwai Top-5 Releases

  1. Ambitronic - Runde Ecken kann sich keiner Leisten (Idealtechno)
  2. Various - 10 Jahre Kreislauf (Kreislauf)
  3. Norman Fairbanks - West Hollywood EP (Pentagonik)
  4. Peacespeakers - Massage from planet earth (Loop Jazz)
  5. Max Marlow - Skyland (Moov Moozi)

Mogwai Top-5 Netlabels

  1. Kreislauf
  2. Idealtechno
  3. Intoxik
  4. Test Tube
  5. Broque