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Jambassa – “macchine parlanti” (A Quiet Bump Netlabel)

jambassa_coverDigital Dub Voices | With "macchine parlanti" the superb italian netlabel A Quiet Bump strikes back. Behind the music project Jambassa operate Carmine Minichiello and Raffaele Gargiulo. Being part of the label crew they now seed their second album. The sound of their digital dub project from the south of Italy is a combination of cold digital sounds, a warm hugging bassline and vocals by joining artists.

Jambassa - "like silence" (MP3)
Jambassa - "combo combo thing" (MP3)

Next to Jahtari the Italian A Quiet Bump Netlabel is a constant source of delicate dub anthems. What I like about the Jambassa sound is the curiosity and intelligence with which Carmine Minichiello and Raffaele Gargiulo build their rhythm-driven riddims.

On top seven different artists chant and sing over the grooves from Italy. That makes this album unique and entertaining. Just listen to "like silence" featuring Ltd. Candy and compare it to "combo combo thing" featuring Reddog and Boom Buzz. While Ltd. Candy seduces you with a sexy voice Reddog and Boom Buzz take the train to Zion.

Jambassa sound unique, deep and rhythmic. Big up to Italy!

MP3 Dub Music Download

Download: ZIP-Archive on Release Page
Artist-Website: Jambassa
Release: Jambassa - "macchine parlanti"
Netlabel: A Quiet Bump Netlabel

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  • This is just a superb digital dub album :)

    Gravatar of Nicolas Nicolas said on
    26. Nov 2009 at 4:06 pm
    Link #1

  • Complimenti ragazzi!Con Big Wednesday i Jambassa ci sono sempre nei miei live set!
    Ed ora finlamente il nuovo Ep! bravi ancora!!

    Gravatar of felice aKa Diavolikkio felice aKa Diavolikkio said on
    12. Dec 2009 at 2:30 am
    Link #2

  • Very very nice and smooth!

    Gravatar of John H. John H. said on
    25. Jan 2010 at 5:39 pm
    Link #3