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Glander – “Vate” (1Bit-Wonder)

Relaxed and futuristic House | With Glander we lean back and chill. His tracks travel relaxed inbetween genres like techno, house and dub. The steady bassdrum bounces heavily in some sort of mid-range-tempo. No hectic here, we just enjoy the travelling sounds, sweet melodies and the echoing dub-sounds.

Glander - "Nalepa"
Glander - "Hmbrg"
Glander - "Zavial"
Glander - "Nightie"
Glander - "Realize"
Glander - "Drift"
Glander - "Zavial (Stefanik Reshape)"

From its mood, "Vate" is best compared with the leaned backed album "Vocalcity" by Luomo. Like Luomo Glander give his tracks room to develop while we slide along with the synth- and bass-sounds.

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