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Entia Non – “Distal” (Test Tube)

Honey-coloured Field-recordings | Entia Non is James McDougall from Australia. For his first album at the lively Test Tube-Netlabel, he’s stacking several layers of field-recordings, tape loops and vinyl crackling to build dense pieces of Ambient that breath the lukewarm air of a late summer afternoon. Just right for a cold Winter’s day!

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TrianguliZona – “Flossy” (Testtube Netlabel)

Electrified Jazz | The songs of TrianguliZona drift somewhere inbetween electro-jazz, distant references to 70’s electric Miles Davis to ambient-flavored experimentalism. The Croatian collective is hard to catch, hard to define. Sometimes you here beautiful melodies, than you listen to the carefully played drums, than you refind yourself in some sort of experimental jazz-ambient-soundscapes. Definitely […]

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Thomas Raukamp’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

“I like music. I don’t really care if it’s free or commercial. Though I learn daily that most of the music I like is free. I work Twitter. I love Tumblr. Mary Baker Eddy says about music: ‘I want not only quality, quantity, and variation in tone, but the unction of Love.’ I second that […]

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Catching The Waves’ Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009

Creative Commons Music Lover | Catching The Waves was born in a cross-fire hurricane. It reviews free albums from the Creative Commons/netlabel community and the occasional album from the big, bad world of commercial music. CTW is not a comprehensive review of netlabel releases; it is merely a reflection of one individual’s taste in music, […]

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DJ Mix – “Aqual(o)unge 4” (Machtdose)

Underwater Ambient Mix | Listening to Aqual(o)unge 4 is like swimming through a coral reef. The sunrays falls into the water and enlighten the colourful submarine world. Everything seems to float here a little slowlier. The colours of the plants overwhelm you when sunlight touches the leaves or make the dandruffs of fishes glimmer. That’s […]

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Ian Hawgood’s Favorite Netaudio Moments in 2008

Advent Calendar Door 22 | There are certain names in Netaudio you stumble upon quite regularly. Think of Daniel Maze, d’incise, .at/on, or Jason Corder aka offthesky. In 2008, Ian (D.) Hawgood was unavoidable. The UK-born musician lives in Tokyo but travells the US and Europe as well. A busy man. Still, his musical outlet […]

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