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Apes on Tapes – “You Open” (Homework Records)

Crispy Hip Hop | The Apes on Tapes are a producer-duo from the City of Bologna in the North of Italy. Lagàr and Antani, as they call themselves, met in 2005 and immediately found their talents for atmosphere and melody (Antani) and straightforward beats (Lagàr) mixing up to something special. Did I mention we’re talking […]

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The Phlow Mixtapes

Mixtape Love | and present you the best of the best of our music reviews with a charming musicplayer. We feed our mixtape with the best songs and tracks of each review and presents it to you in that good’ol mixtape look. The flash player comes out of the ashes of After the RIAA teared down Mixwit, the programmers were so nice to give the beautiful player to everybody. Why hadn’t they used creative commons music?!? Nevertheless, grab the code on and build your own mixtape. or listen to the Spanish Phlow Mixtape or the English Phlow Mixtape. In the future just click on the pumpin’ loudspeaker!

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Mo’Town Junkie – “Cuts and Raw Tapes” (Phonotactics)

Cracklin Beats & Samples | Mo’Town Junkie is not a newbie in the Scene: he has published several works on different netlabels, ending up on founding his own, Phonotactics. By the way, let me suggest you a visit to the new website. Ok, so it is not new to have a netaudio album just made […]

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Tapes – “Compuriddims EP” (Jahtari Netlabel)

Analogue Basslines on Asteroids | Jahtari – one of our favorite providers of bass-driven music – peeps through the holes of old cassettes delivered by Tapes and smiles. They just released one of their rarely released free EPs. This time it’s an artist called Tapes who loves the sound of old analogue tape recorders and […]

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Various – “Bag Of Nothingness” (Error-Broadcast Netlabel)

Sublime Hip Hop Instrumentals | Whoops, there it is! We told you about this one coming up and finally it’s there. A damn fine Netlabel for delicious Instrumental Hip Hop Beats: Error Broadcast. Get ready for some steamin’, deep brazzling tracks. And how netlabels like to kick it off, Error Broadcast makes no exception: A compilation to introduce you to the Hip Hop world of Error-Broadcast with music by Comfort Fit, Apes On Tapes, B-Ju or Niteffect.

Launch this supernova of contemporary Hip Hop!

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Grillo – “Fireworks Remixes” (Homework Records)

Italian HipHop Instrumentals | Homework Records represent Italys finest music if we speak about modern Hip Hop instrumentals. Like Apes on Tapes also Grillo is on the spearhead of modern beats. After his great debut called “Fireworks” the label refined his tracks with five excellent remixes. Grillo – “Brown Box (Fulgeance Remix)” (MP3)

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