Advent Calendar Door 19 // Jaume Muntsant was the first catalan guy I met related to netaudio (a catalan is someone who lives in Catalunya, a small country in  Spain). That was some years back in time, when he started publishing his minimal techno as Hermético on a homelabel named Doblec. Later he founded with Sr.Click and Dato, which is, without any doubt,  one of the BIG spanish netlabels. You should check it out now and then if you’re into minimal beats. Jaume also started a netaudio blog called Oir Para Creer some years ago and releases experimental dark ambient music under his Nigul alias. You can also find some of his jobs under the nickname Choplin. As you see, this is another busy netaudio fellow to go in the pack.

Top-5 Netaudio Tracks in 2008

Top Five Netlabels

webbed hand

resting bell

dark winter



Top Track in 2008

Jaume’s best track is without exception:  Uncle Owen Aunt Beru - Earth is the right place for love