Advent Calendar Door 6 // While trying to set the workteam we spread the word amongst friends mailing lists and social networks. David replied in just a few hours with an extensive mail, just after crossing some mountains nearby Russia. After reading the third line of we knew he was the guy. Having a look at his website will give you an idea of what i call intense activity… Heavily involved in organizing and producing lan parties and demoscene events around spain he talks about himself…

David quoting _sml! david:

“David ‘sml’ Domingo has been musician, dj, producer, visual jockey, designer and event organizer in the last years.

He’s the co-director of and one of the main organizers of “netAudio Barcelona”, the annual netaudio festival based in Barcelona (Spain).

His long background in the demoscene took him to the netaudio scene as a logical evolution and now tries to promote the local scene with activities and collaborations.”


Top-5 Netaudio Tracks in 2008

  1. Latex Distorsion - Isotope from 1bit wonder # 018)
  2. Rec_Overflow featuring Crisopa - Negative Thing from Plataforma LTW # 020: Popular is wrong compilation
  3. Eedl - Tone Clutter from Plataforma LTW # 020: Popular is wrong compilation
  4. adhesive - Looming Peaks from pendrive # 001
  5. eedl - freezed (extended version) from pendrive # 001

Top Five Netlabels

  1. heavy industries
  2. pendrive
  3. kahvi collective
  4. test tube
  5. 1bit wonder

Surprise and Netlabel-Phenomena 2008

Netlabel-Phenomena 2008: pendrive