Sven Swift, mo. and Filippo Aldovini cruisin' through London (Foto: Sim Sullen)

Interview at Netaudio London 2008 // Really good Hip Hop Music is still hard to find in the creative commons world of music. If you search for netlabels promoting deep Hip Hop Music you have to stick to a baby-handful of netlabels. But there’s a glowing light at the end of the tunnel. This torch is held by Filippo Aldovini from Zymogen Netlabel and well-known Sven Swift.

Podcast Show: “Talkin’bout Beats with Error Broadcast” (MP3)

Both music nerds teamed up to stem a heavy-weight bassloaded netlabel called Error-Broadcast for Instrumental Hip Hop. At Netaudio London 2008 they gave the party crowd a first listen, distributed some exclusive Promo-CDs and were caught by mo. to speak out loud into the microphone. Enjoy a Podcast-Radio-Show with an exclusive track from the upcoming Error Broadcast Compilation which gives you a glimpse how deep Error Broadcast digs into the ground.

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The track in the podcast was produced by ComFormat called “Rock da Dam!!!” and will be followed by other extraordinary musicians like Apes on Tapes, The Great Mundane, Comfort Fit or B-Ju,