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Sven Swift is one of those people, whos heart is burning for music. Ever since I got to know him, Sven Swift releases music, makes music, makes tapes, makes something experimental as long as it has to do with music. While we wrote reviews on a high output level from 2007 to the beginning of 2010 for Phlow-Magazine.com, we now take it slow - the family has grown.

Currently Sven Swift focuses totally on his second netlabel - after 12rec.net - called Error Broadcast. And this is also what these charts are about. They are about electronic, abstract, bass-heavy and HipHop-inspired music. I call it Sven Swift's Best Free Music Moments 2010 because not all tracks were released under creative commons licence but the musicians uploaded them to the web to spread the music. So go to the websites and download these anthems and enjoy!