In 2006 I discovered netlabels through a website which is now known as Mixotic. I found it something amazing. In 2007 I had participated in the project with several mixes and I started a blog in relation to netaudio. It wasn't long till I started my own netlabel. It's still very exciting to collaborate with people around the globe. I like it because there are no hierarchies, no need of authority. Prominent roles are much weak compare to the 'mainstream world'. Looking for free music is strictly related to human freedom.

Best CC Moment 2010

I think this hasn't been an easy year for netaudio. Some of the best netlabels have reappeared as copyright pay-per-download sites. There's also a great amount of free-to-download music but not right-free out there, and copyright netlabels which generate confusion. However netaudio has overgone the 'great world crisis' and new netlabels sprout day after day. This year's best aspects are the great quality and quantity alternative netaudio resources, specially Ayoze García's Intangible23, the russian portal Techno-Locator,new blogs as Disruptive Platypus ans Musica Selection and the compilation shared by New TechnoID, Free Music 4All and itself. Many discussions and points of view which keep the music phlowing. Kepp it up!