Masayuki is the man behind the japanese music weblog Music Forest. He lives in Kanagawa, Japan near Tokyo. Next to his job working as an engineer everyday he listens and buys music. With his weblog he introduces wonderful music aiming at Japan.

Best Moment 2010

"In 2010, Japanese Net Label, Maltine Records became the big label. I interviewed for many net labels several years ago. but I never asked Maltine, "Why do you start the Netlabel?". Yes of cource, it is a question without need, I think. "How" is more important than "Why". "How" turns into "Do" and "Did", and I can confirm the answer of the question as a result of past. I think that the event of the Kulturkreis that is "not English" is hard to come to the other countries. but, Maltine Records did Good Release and Good Event in Japan. Please check these release that are the evidence!"