Happy netaudio decade // It has been 10 years since I discovered netlabels. While scrobbling my hard drives I found some 1999 MP3 files! That was last century, right?!?. What could have been considered as a crazy/shocking new marketing idea - that is: giving (ocassionally good) music for free - is now a common strategy in any music related enterprise.

While some consider a constant decrease of the differences between netlabels and conventional/traditional/former labels - an idea I totally support - I can still evidence what has always been my personal difference criteria amongst both worlds: creativity. It's not just about high quality music but about the knowledge generated within its community, about sharing and developing services, tools and ideas. Being a teacher myself makes this last sentence so important. After the words, the tunes. On quite a hurry, I've chosen some of my 2009 top spots, happy to share them with you. Merry xmas!

Phlow.es: phlow's spanish young cousin
Applejux.org: my personal blog, mostly in catalan
Netaudio.es: netaudio community using spanish language

Top Netlabels 2009