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Sichtbeton feat. Tillevision – “Anabelle & Karsten EP”

sichteton-tillevision_anabelle-karsten-epGerman Rap Miniature | It has been silent around the Kings of the Prenzlauer Berg for quite a while. After a critically acclaimed album and an experimental EP at, Rap-duo Sichtbeton came back with a few new songs and features in 2006. A new album and an exclusive mixtape are planned for late 2007. To sweeten the idle time, MC Lunte & Tillevision released a tiny concept EP: get to know about "Anabelle & Karsten"!

You've got three songs to become familiar with Anabelle and Karsten, one of these neurotic couples that look for interpersonal warmth but basically hate themselves. Lunte switches the perspective with every tune, starting with Karsten who meets "Anabelle".

Berlin producer Tillevision serves his pumping and melodic beats, DJ V-Raeter drops tight cuts. Musically, the track works rather like an energetic 70's Soul tune than classic Hip Hop. The production is quite lo-fi, but the vibe is right; some kind of smooth out Madlib. Track two "Karsten" has a similar feel, Blaxploitation-horns and Lunte's high-energy raps. Someone commented on his vocals as a mixture between the german actor Manfred Krug and Ghostface Killah... correct!

Finally, "Anabelle & Karsten" draws a bitter picture of the couple buying a house and moving to an intact neighbourhood though nothing has changed... Sie werden schon wissen warum.

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Release-Site: Sichtbeton feat. Tillevision - Anabelle & Karsten EP
Direct Download: Anabelle & Karten EP ZIP
Artist Website: Sichtbeton | Tillevision

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