Coverartwork Iaka - Es rappelt im KartonLeftfield drum’n’bass-science // Iaka from Plainaudio knows how to use beats, bass and some atmospheric sounds to build rockin’ drum’n’bass-tracks. Like a surgeon he chop ups breakbeats precisely, to construct new, complex and funky beats from scratch. The whole 3-Track-EP is available in superb 320kbps-quality

Iaka - “Rumpelkiste” (MP3)

Iaka - “Zappenduster” (MP3)

Iaka - “Noloop” (MP3)

Those tricky beats play quickly and accurate with some mad deep basslines. Packed and loaded with armour these tracks are built to force every drum’n’bass-disciple to move the body instead of just nodding around. Another great and heavy release from Plainaudio.

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Release: Iaka - “Es rappelt im Karton” (Plainaudio Netlabel)