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Kollektiv Turmstrasse – “Liveact” (Freude am Tanzen)

Spherical Techno-Trance-Liveact | Kollektiv Turmstrasse started years ago with their netlabel called No-Response. They hit the scene with a melodious Dub-Techno-EP called "new weakness EP". We loved their debut. Meanwhile Nico Plagemann and Christian Hilscher from Luebeck, Germany, kept been busy and founded a vinyl label called "Musik gewinnt Freunde". While they happily distribute their new sounds via Kompakt, they spoil us with floating liveacts.

So nowadays Kollektiv Turmstrasse amaze the Techno-Underground with one fabulous liveact after another. Their style could be described as floating and kicking techno with some nostalgic looks backwards when trance was still underground and sweeping melodies a reason to let it go. Their recorded liveact shows us how entertaining a night with Kollektiv Turmstrasse could be.

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