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d’incise’s Favorite Netaudio Moments 2008

Advent Calendar Door 7 | d'incise, born in 1983, is member of the Audioactivity, a music & visual collective founded in 2000 in Geneva (CH). In 2002 he starded to produce different kinds of electronic music, from dub to electronica, dangerously sliding to the more experimental ways of electroacoustic. His world is made with sound fractures, nevralgic crepitations, melancolic atmospheres and a non-dissimulated fascination for rust and faded rhythms.

After one self-produced cd in 2004, he started to release his music on various netlabels as Zymogen or Test Tube. Beside he pratice free improvisation, using laptop, live treatments and various objects & contacts mic, collaborating with few electronic or acoustic musicians..

Diatribes, open ensemble, close to freejazz, with Cyril Bondi and guests, is his main improvised project.

d'incise play also a solo live act, closer of electronica, where he operate fluctuations suites of rythmic pulsions, simple melodies and noise waves for a destroyed dancefloor.

He coordinate the Insubordinations netlabel, dedicate to improvised music, and collectively coordinate the Audioactivity netlabel.

Top-5 Netaudio Tracks in 2008

Top Five Netlabels

  1. test tube
  2. con-v
  3. resting bell
  4. 12rec.
  5. adozen

Top-5 Releases in 2008

  1. va Europa 2008 (plx018)
  2. OCP - stepping stone (tube124)
  3. Jérôme Pergolesi - Aphasie (earS024)
  4. v4w.enk0 - Airopen (db048)
  5. The Rick Jensen Quartet - The Mosaicist (ca182)

Netaudio Surprise 2008

Well it's not really a surprise (at least I'd like to believe it) but the netaudio activists - as musicians, as netlabels manager, seems to extend more and more their actions out of the web, with festival, etc, I'm very glad of that.

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  • # most favorite track 2008
    jason kahn + gabriel paiuk - interrupcion (Homophoni)

    Gravatar of d’incise d'incise said on
    14. Dec 2008 at 12:33 am
    Link #1

  • Wow! test tube on the top of your list... I'm blushed :)

    Thanks Laurent! Too bad we couldn't get together when you came to Lisbon a while back... maybe next time ^^



    Gravatar of test tube test tube said on
    15. Dec 2008 at 1:18 am
    Link #2

  • Thanks google for bringing me here et merci d'incise pour faire figurer Europa 2008 dans ton top5 :)
    plx018 features in my top5 too, mostly because of your *ucking rough track.

    Gravatar of OmasFGT OmasFGT said on
    17. Dec 2008 at 6:10 pm
    Link #3

  • "la respiration suspendue" was one of my top tracks in 2008 as well... maybe rather top ten than top five ;)

    Gravatar of bettina rhymes bettina rhymes said on
    18. Dec 2008 at 10:58 am
    Link #4

  • "maybe rather top ten than top five ;)"
    uh too bad ;)

    but mo gave us a great review for our rise and fall EP earlier this year:

    and this brings us a lot (really) of hits/visitors (until today !) so thank you phlow :)

    Gravatar of OmasFGT OmasFGT said on
    22. Dec 2008 at 1:18 pm
    Link #5

  • [...] 22 | There are certain names in Netaudio you stumble upon quite regularly. Think of Daniel Maze, d’incise, .at/on, or Jason Corder aka offthesky. In 2008, Ian (D.) Hawgood was unavoidable. The UK-born [...]

    Gravatar of Ian Hawgood’s Favorite Netaudio Moments in 2008 | Phlow-Magazine – Free MP3 Music Culture Ian Hawgood’s Favorite Netaudio Moments in 2008 | Phlow-Magazine - Free MP3 Music Culture said on
    25. Dec 2008 at 2:48 am
    Link #6