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Fernando Fonseca’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

"Actvist, Creative Commons envangelist, sound desginer and A&R for the PublicSpaces Lab netlabel. I like to rant a lot."

Top-5 Songs 2010

dustmotes - "The Aesthetic Principle"

Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasures - "Lost"

Entertainment for the Braindead - "It flew away"

TEC_Overflow - "unodoce"

Vladislav Nogin – "The Faust Re.Cycled (RMX)"

Top Netlabels 2010

Best Moment 2010

Trying to explain to a bunch of bureaucrats what was a netlabel, what was netaudio, what was Creative Commons and why people would do such a things as 'releasing music for free that can be stolen by pirates' (sic).

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1 comment

  • Some great choices here, Fernando! Thanks for including blocSonic in your top 5 netlabels!

    Gravatar of Michael Gregoire Michael Gregoire said on
    13. Dec 2010 at 3:35 pm
    Link #1