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Ashbrg’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

Ashbrg aka Aleix Pitarch is a founding member of the Hamsterloco collective/netlabel and is one of those netaudio enthusiasts Applejux met outside the web: the so-called real world. Aleix Pitarch believes in the need to create a community, meet, exchange experiences and continue spreading the learning experience. If you want to know more about this group, the team wrote a feature post titled "¿Dónde esta el Hamsterloco?", "Where's the Crazy Hamster?".

Top-5 Songs 2010

AKA Gelbart - "Waste"

Amanda - "Up Against The Wall Redneck Mama (Edit)"

Animal Style - "Slash Back"

Pulserismo - "Meter"

Cherly KaCherly & Tiny Creatures vs Supertalented - "Speech"

Top Netlabels 2010

Best Moment 2010

This year's CC netaudio moment is quite funny... The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) advised us to remove a release because - according to their criteria -, it was sampling one of their artists. The truth was that, the targeted track had been produced with a synthesizer and some random parameters. Therefore couldn't host anyones' samples!

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