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It’s House Music! A Tribute to Epsilonlab Netlabel

Cover - A Tribute to Epsilonlab Netlabel 2

Timeless Eloquent House | The sound of Epsilonlab is lush, deep, melodic, dubby and techy. You find the spirit of house-music in every release. With great musicians like Paul Keeley, Pheek, Eloi Brunelle or Sensual Physics Epsilonlab published some of the finest house-music released under a cc-licence. Even if Epsilonlab is a little quiet right now, we can state, that the Epsilonlab Collective is without any doubt one of the first professional netlabels. Epsilonlab grew suddenly out of the ground, we raised our hands frenetic in the air and embraced than the beautfiful sounds from Canada.
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Vincent Casanova- "Take Me Beyond (Paul Keeley Remix)" (MP3)
Sensual Physics - "Cold Sweat" (MP3)

The canadian netlabel Epsilonlab has quite well-known producers on its roster like Paul Keeley, Eloi Brunelle, Pheek, Sensual Physics or Jeff Benett. Somehow I think the sound is best described as friendly. While the heart is full of love for house-music, the production of most of the releases sound digital and most of the time crystal clear.

One of my favorite musicians on Epsilonlab is Paul Keeley. Paul Keeley who did also the mastering for a lot of releases on Epsilonlab produces colorful TechHouse-Music. With each release he convinced me again that he is a master of melodic TechHouse tunes with a slight trance-approach. To discover the sound of Paul Keeley you have to begin with his beautiful live-act-mix "Paul Keeley - Live @ Elektra, QC". Than dig deeper into the archive.

Cover - A Tribute to Epsilonlab Netlabel 2

One of my favorite netlabel-tracks to date is still the amazing "Cold Sweat" from Sensual Physics aka digitalverein aka Joerg Schuster. Don't miss the according "Expanding Itself" EP with four fine tracks hard to define.

To make my bunch complete, check out Eloi Brunelle. Eloi is the head behind the netlabel, the man who helds it all together. Even if his musical approach is slightly harder and techno his beloved brother, he expands the Epsilonlab Music-Archive with straight forward productions for clubheads. Yet his weird, humurous track called "My Submarine" together with Vanessa Moore on "Psychotonic EP" is still my favorite.

Videoclip "Spaceball" by Fukkle Bim Jerry

Lately the german blogger, experimentalist and netaudio musiclover Janos Krüger aka Fukkle Bim Jerry sent me his beautiful little videoclip called "Spaceball". He choosed the Epsilonlab track “On The Stone” from Black Foundation Dub E.P. by Mossa as the musically counterpart for his pictures. The videoclip shows how you can combine a 99cent-toy for children with good music with some smart video-editing. Everything was released under a creative commons. So spread the love :)

MP3 Techno House TechHouse Music Download

For starters - Five Great Releases on Epsilonlab


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