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Double Review: “Colores: Fluidos” and “Libertad EP” (Monofónicos Netlabel)

monosplit001_frontTwo Melodic House EPs from Colombia | Like yesterday we visit once again South America and its rich music culture. This time we visit Colombia and the Monofónicos Netlabel. With actually two releases called "Colores: Fluidos" and  they set signs into the Techno-House direction. Clean synthesizer sounds await us thrown into the echo chamber of Dub.

Dsum "Liberdad (Original Mix)" (MP3)

While "Colores: Fluidos" opens Monofónicos with a compilation to the public which represents five artists, Dsum makes the first steps as a solo artist with his "Libertad EP". Both EPs deliver melodic House-Chords accompanied with beautfilul easy swinging percussions. Sometimes you feel like dancing on the rainbow. Somehow I got the impression Dsum likes Thomas Fehlmann and his extraordinary TechHouse-Tunes...

Especially the sweet "Liberdad (Original Mix)" track floats with its analogue jazz bassline like the setting sun into the sea. Easy, man! If you like it a little bit darker, check out the remix by Rat with some playful clickering percussions for a deeper TechHouse-approach.

If you hop over to the compilation, you discover some deeper house tunes like "Sublime" and more airy and classic dubtechno tunes like "Bermuda".  "Colores: Fluidos" fits perfect to sunny afternoons sitting around with friends eager to start into a fun club night.

MP3 House Music Download

Download: Dsum - "Libertad EP" (ZIP-Archive) | "Colores: Fluidos" (ZIP-Archive)
Release: Dsum "Libertad EP" and Various "Colores: Fluidos"
Netlabel: Monofónicos Netlabel

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  • Hi dude, quick hi to say great tunes. Nice to hear organic elements in electronica. Like the Dsum - Libertad (Dsum Conga Perdida and rat mixes. Thanx for the freebie and will definately use these at some point, with your permission.

    Gravatar of technikal technikal said on
    17. Apr 2009 at 6:17 pm
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