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NUMBlog’s Free Music Charts 2007

Matthias GutjahrNew Urban Music Blog is a german weblog dedicated to all things jazz, broken beat, and hip hop. Its editor Matthias Gutjahr is a web developer, avid blogger and music enthusiast from Mainz, Germany. NUMBlog aims to make talented musicians from all over the world, both from netlabels and small commercial labels, known to a wider audience in Germany. It's non-commercial, Creative Commons-licensed, and deeply rooted in the social web community.

NUMBlog's Songs Top 5

The song from Authist & Dub One! called "Chessbase Dub (feat. Fritz 8)" can't be linked to our player, download it here.

You find the songs above on these netlabesl:, Aquavelvas,, and Sichtbeton on

NUMBlog's Netlabel Top 5

NUMBlog's Releases Top 5

released under the Creative Commons License (Attribution 3.0 Unported)

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