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Jason Sigal’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

Jason Sigal manages the Free Music Archive, a collaboratively-curated library of free music that wants to be shared. Based out of New York City/New Jersey freeform radio station WFMU, Jason also hosts the weekly radio program (Talk's Cheap) and the Grey Area podcast.

Check out Jason's FMA profile for lots more of his favorite free music favorites

Top-5 Songs 2010

Thick Business - "Smoothest Runes"

Monokle and Galun - "Happy Sun"

The Paparazzi - "The Rococo Tape"

Karen Cooper Complex - "Jerkin' Pretty"

Bay of Pigs - "Everything Changes"

Top Netlabels 2010

Best Creative Commons Albums 2010

Here are five of my favorite albums:

Best Moment 2010

"It's been an incredible year for netaudio! The FMA library of curated free music has nearly doubled in size to 28,000+ tracks, so how can I limit my picks to just one favorite moment, 5 songs and 5 netlabels?

So how about a favorite netaudio idea: "Digital Seven-Inch" -- like a hybrid blog and record label. I wrote about it here in regards to Ampeater Music, with shout-outs to Bad Panda Records, Beko-DSL.

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