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Juan Prieto’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

I'm Juan Prieto, from Barcelona and music is one of my obsesions. I have been twenty years working with synthesizers and computers. I have been publishing Creative Commons music since 2004 under the Musik moniker. I'm also cofounder of, where we try to spread the netaudio spirit.

Top-5 Songs 2010

Pisu - "Pop"

Lo-Fi Scientists - "Jazz Baby"

Eric EXiT - "Remember Sky"

RAC - "Star Trek Theme"

Montag - "Small Town Boy / Never Gonna Cry Again (Bronksi Beat / Eurythmics cover)"

Top Netlabels 2010

Best Moment 2010

The best moment happened while my hollidays, in August. Lost in some village in Galicia, at the north of Spain, under a clear star sky night, someone played "Star Trek Theme" by Remix Artist Collective.

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