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What services & features does a netlabel need?

A Careful Re-Design of a Netlabel | In the last two weeks I worked on the re-design for the german techno (net)label that sometimes also releases alternative electronic music.

After some discussions in the beginning of the now gone summer, labelhead Christian Kausch assigned me to move to the next step: To re-design, program and set up a fully functioning content management system (WordPress) with some new delicious features. Today we lift the curtain and present you not only a re-worked and carefully crafted website... No, on top you get a new and funky techno-release from Russia.

I am sure, there are still some bugs left... And of course there are still some questions waiting for answers:

  • Does the netlabel-website serve all of your needs?
  • What do you think is missing?
  • Do you need more functionality, more Web 2.0-features or are you satisfied?
  • What elements do you miss and what makes the perfect netlabel-website?

If you help us, maybe in the next months I will present you the ultimate WordPress-Theme to build a great music-website! So check it out, come back and help us to build a concept for the perfect netlabel!

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Phlow-Author Moritz »mo.« Sauer This article was written on 17.September 2008 by Moritz »mo.« Sauer. Moritz »mo.« Sauer is the founder of and a true music lover. As a participant and journalist of the free music movement he joined several Netaudio parties in Europe including Netaudio Nürnberg, Netaudio Barcelona, Netaudio London or Netaudio Bern. Read more articles written by .


  • dear mo, despite all the technical effort- who uses compressed-to-noise jpg pictures these days? i don't like the broque logo at all, ok, but the least you could do is apply a proper level 10-compression. who cares if it weights 10 or 100kb? good job apart from that.

    Gravatar of grumpy rhymes grumpy rhymes said on
    17. Sep 2008 at 8:56 pm
    Link #1

  • ooops... the logo on the new site is perfect... i forgot to change the picture on the start-site :(

    Gravatar of mo. mo. said on
    17. Sep 2008 at 9:02 pm
    Link #2

  • I think it looks good. I think a "less-is-more" approach to netlabel sites is good; this website makes it easy to find what I need, without any trouble. I wasn't aware of the label before; I'll be sure to check out their releases later on.

    Gravatar of Will C. Will C. said on
    17. Sep 2008 at 11:39 pm
    Link #3

  • Much cleaner now, altough the basic design is still "untouched". Good work. At least we all have the keywords like news, releases etc. ready to browse!

    What is really missing is a quick function to listen to music, because... why am I visiting a music website? I want to enter and get music right into my face. I did had such feature on my website in about 2004/5. The music "previews" I supported back in that days were pretty "modem friendly" (< 120kB each). But wake up, don't we have Web 2.0 already?

    Nevertheless.. Thumbs up for Broque. Good work ahead.

    PS: OK. After some searching I found the pop-up player. Please, make this more obvious. Enhance the music experience!

    Gravatar of 020200 020200 said on
    17. Sep 2008 at 11:57 pm
    Link #4

  • @020200: is the music player really so hidden? you just have to click on the play-icon, that's it. should we write "Click Icon to listen to music?"

    the only feature which is currently missing is an m3u-playlist like roland suggested on

    Gravatar of mo. mo. said on
    18. Sep 2008 at 11:22 am
    Link #5

  • @mo.: I don't think that you need a new text. I also don't want to give you an advice, since you already know how to make good websites. But I think, if you visit a music website (and that is what a netlabel site is all about) than the *play me play me* should pretty much bump directly in your face. Noob-visitors want to now, what the site is all about. But also don't disturb the frequent visitors with annoying flash-players opening automatically all the time. I guess you got my point.

    Gravatar of 020200 020200 said on
    18. Sep 2008 at 3:04 pm
    Link #6