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Gorje Hewek – “Sur-Dramatic Nature” (Fragment Music)

Emotional Melancholic Techno | Fragment Music from Russia is an extraordinary netlabel if you like minimal electronic dance music. Also Gorje Hewek contributes an outstandig release to the roster of the netlabel. His production sounds like a poetic techno scratchbook. If you open "Sur-Dramatic Nature" you see sonic hand-drawn illustrations full of moody painted memories.

"Sur-Dramatic Nature" is like a surrealistic drawing. While drifting through diverse sounds, the EP sounds melancholic, deep and thoghtful. You hear whispering, clicks, soothing epic strings and crackling vinyl sounds. Just listen to those great tracks called "Sudden Care" and "That in it".

A magnetic EP inbetween genres like Ambient, Trance and Minimal Techno. Truly atmospheric.

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Download: Gorje Hewek - Sur-Dramatic Nature (Zip-Archive)
Release: Gorje Hewek - Sur-Dramatic Nature

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