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Emilsson – “Another” (Heavy Industries Netlabel)

Trance-Master | Released a long time ago in 2004 "Another" remains still a classic. Producer Emilson from Heavy Industries Netlabel lifts you up with four tracks build on hypnotic and melodic grooves. No surprises await you on this EP, just pure drifting on a powerful four-to-the-floor bassdrum. Music to enjoy on a sunny sunday afterhour.

Emilson named his four tracks simply "Another part I", "Another part II", "Another part III" and "Another part IV". I guess he did so, because all the tracks have the same purpose in mind: Cheerful dancing. Unlike most of the techno-sounds found on Heavy Industries, "Another" awaits you with pure-blooded good old-fashioned Trance-Anthems. Feel ecstatic when the sky opens up in part four to lift you up. Thrilling in its clarity like in the old days!

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Release: Emilsson - Another

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