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VA – “Viva La Fuerza EP” (Audioexit)

Hungarian Minimal Techno | Behind Audioexit operate two producers called P.c.m.n. and Maurel. They organise their netlabel from Hungary and distribute Techno, Minimal, Trance, House and Electronica under three sub-channels called Ae-Tech, Ae-Min, and Ae-Deep. While listening to several of their releases I digged deeper into the mini-techno-compilation called "Viva La Fuerza", a compilation of minimal techno and trance.

Dorian Knox "Butterfly" (MP3)

Sometimes I wonder who listens to dark techno tracks like I found on Audioexits sublabel Ae-Tech. These badass tracks kick fast and deep, but any interesting groove and twist is missing. I used to dance to such streamlined tracks in my youth, today I scratch my neck how I could provide enough energy to dance to such music for even half an hour.

No surprise, I found myself listening to the deeper and more minimal tracks lending the sublabel Ae-Min an ear. Even in this subcategory the hungarian tracks sound dark and push with an extra-portion of subbass. But nevertheless the fat production kick you constantly and especially the trance-influenced "Butterfly" by Dorian Knox has potential to get the hands of the clubbers into the air in front of your dj-mixing-desk. Somehow the track reminds me of this trance-megahit "7 Days And One Week". Of all four tracks "Butterfly" has the most pop-orientated touch and if you like minimal techno, give the whole quality ep a try.

MP3 Techno Trance Music Download

Viva La Fuerza EP(AeMin001)
Download (ZIP); Various Artists- Viva La Fuerza EP

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  • Tracks under AeMin are not especially for dancefloor, much rather for the ears :)

    Gravatar of Maurel Maurel said on
    31. Jan 2008 at 1:01 pm
    Link #1