Atmospheric Progressive Techno // “Dejaview Watchers” is one of those groovy Techno Dub tracks where you sit on an ice rock drifting through a cold, wide and abstract world. With “Metasphera” you glide on a spaceship through a progressive house world meeting natives from the Psytrance Movement. “New Suite” introduces you to your new minimal techno sci-fi apartment. And “Structured Abstractions” is the slightly mysterious cellar, where all the machines calculate the artificial world you just visited.

The Unique Matter - “dejaview watchers” (MP3)

The Unique Matter - “metasphera” (MP3)

The Unique Matter - “new suite” (MP3)

The Unique Matter - “structured abstractions” (MP3)

The Unique Matter delivers you with four tracks an insight of the russian soul of techno. My favorite track is “Dejaview Watchers”, I just enjoy dubby techno from time to time. It’s just a perfect sound to surf through the web. But the excellent fact of this EP remains: All tracks come with a different approach and give you an excellent release to use as a dj as well as enjoying it at home or your mp3 player.

“Douze points, russie!”

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Netlabel: Sologroove Netlabel