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Willbe – “Zephyr” (Language Lab Netlabel)

Melodic HipHop Instrumentals | French producer William Lamy aka Willbe produces excellent hiphop-instrumentals. He gets the pressure into his beats and composes melodic grooves. Inspired by classic composers like Ravel and Debussy his tracks roll smooth like melting butter. Nearly each of his fine productions connects the brain with an epic and cinematic vibe.

Willbe - "Zephyr" (MP3)

So it's no surprise that Willbes one-track-release on Language Lab called "Zephyr" is one of those mellow tracks, i like cruisin around with. Build on straight-forward and kicking beats "Zephyr" rolls and rolls like his incredible production "Tribal City" (Ogg Vorbis) also released on Language Lab. Great music for a relaxed chill out on a late friday afternoon.

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Netlabel-Website: Language Lab
Download: Zeyphir @

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