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Montag – “Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune” (Peppermill)

How to make a foreign song your own | Friends, Bettina Rhymes is back to the review biz! Let us celebrate this return to form with a WONDERFUL little gem of a Pop record: Montag aka Antoine Bédard is a well-decorated Canadian songwriter who delivers five coverversions of 80s/ 90s Indiepop that will crack your stony hearts. Alas!

Montag - "No Aloah" (MP3)
Montag - "Set Adrift a Memory of You" (MP3)
Montag - "Angel I will Walk You Home" (MP3)
Montag - "Small Town Boy / Never Gonna Cry Again" (MP3)
Montag - "Sunflower" (MP3)

It is good practice at Peppermill Records not to make to many words about their releases. Typically this is not necessary as every releases speaks for itself, and this is especially true when you consider Montags' "Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune".

Montag is Vancouver-based Antoine Bédard. On this little EP, the man reworks adolescence favourites in his very own styles of warm synth arrangements, leftfield singing and Disco beats. We get to hear popular songs by PM Dawn, Bronski Beat and Eurythmics as well as a Breeders, Unrest and Low cover.

Interestingly, the 90s songs and the 80s songs go together very well. This is mainly because Antoine makes the tender Indierock of the likes named atop sound 80s whilst leaving his Synthpop idols rather untouched. One might criticize this as too soft and artless. Myself I enjoy the lush and nostalgic melodies and meanwhile consider the possibility to purchase his latest album "Going Places".

MP3 POP Music Download

Download: "Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune" (ZIP-Archive)

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Phlow-Author Bettina Rhymes This article was written on 8.May 2010 by Bettina Rhymes. Bettina Rhymes is the journalist alter ego of Sven Swift. Swift runs the established CDr- and Netlabel and acts as a Netaudio DJ every now and then. Next to his job at Phlow Mag, he writes reviews about free music at Read more articles written by .


  • Beautiful. Absolutely perfect for this summer-like weekend. Remembers me on Twizzle - Soda Mountain or "the other artists" (I can't remember the name, even after hard thinking), that was popluar in netaudio in about 2002/3. I'm sure, mo. will remember...

    Gravatar of 020200 020200 said on
    21. May 2010 at 8:01 pm
    Link #1

  • Thx! Nice electronic music with a subtle Beach Boys-attitude. I love it!

    Gravatar of Yeah Yeah said on
    27. Oct 2010 at 11:39 pm
    Link #2