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Henrik José – “The Little Things EP” (23 Seconds Netlabel)

Spherical Pop | Last year one musician appeared on the chart lists of a lot of netaudio musiclovers: Henrik José from Malmö, Sweden. We loved his pop anthem "Possibilities" so much, we had to include it on our free music compilation "Music From All Around The World". And just some seconds later, he releases a new wonderful small album on Swedens brightest netlabel: 23 Seconds. Hurray!

Rich And Timeless (MP3)
Pinpointing The Problem (MP3)
The Little Things (MP3)
Magnet In My Mouth (MP3)
We Own This Thing (MP3)

Henrik José is also known for his moniker Bliss. And we music geeks know: Henrik José is no stranger to the world of free music. But while he explored IDM and Electronica under the cover of Bliss, he opens up under his real name. And during this process everything seems to fall into place.

All the wonderful melodies he composed already years ago now meet the world of pop. If you listen closely to his five songs you also discover the tricks and twists in his games with beats. Here's someone who grew up, but who doesn't neglets his past. Here's someone who won't forget his love for Electronica and IDM. The only thing that changed, is that everything in the name of pop got a little bit more forward. Instead of shreddering beats up, we listen to the true voice, a voice that wants to tell us some stories.

This is pure electrifying electronic pop without citation of the 80ies. No, it's pop plus electronic music on an individual level. Welcome to the melancholic and melodic soundscapes of Henrik José.

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Download: Henrik José - "The Little Things EP" (ZIP-Archive)
Release: Henrik José - "The Little Things EP"
Netlabel: 23 Seconds Netlabel

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