Jazzy TripHop // Netlabel Comfort Stand stopped releasing new free music a while ago. Thank god, their huge catalogue of music releases is still online available through their website and archive.org. One of the earlier releases is the wonderful TripHop EP from Twizzle called “Soda Fountain”. Twizzle bedazzles you with her elfish voice and melodic compositions.

Twizzle - “Falling” (MP3)

Twizzle - “Black Elk Mountain” (MP3)

Twizzle - “This Is No Chanson” (MP3)

Twizzle - “Barefoot Girl/Pebble Road” (MP3)

On “Soda Fountain” you’ll find wonderful TripHop with an edge of jazz, electronic sounds and on top Twizzles voice. Her vocals let you imagine her dancing in an old and smokey jazzclub. Or singing in a bar with a humpty-dumpty piano. Every song is a little hit and if you like music by De-Phazz, Portishead or Goldfrapp, you sure dig into this wonderful netlabel release.

MP3 TripHop Music Download

Netlabel: Comfort Stand

Release: Twizzle - Soda Fountain (ZIP)