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Sven Swift’s Creative Commons Music Netlabel Moments 2009

In 2009, I shifted my attention a bit towards the establishment of my Hip Hop label Error Broadcast. We had three wonderful artist releases (don’t miss AEED, the ABC beat tape and Shlohmo) and have been working a lot in the background – 2010 will see our first vinyl releases which we are going to sell digitally as well. Put down AEED, B-Ju and Comfort Fit for the watchlist. Accordingly, I’ve been listening to a ridiculous amount of free beat music. Some of these I’d like to share with you. See my top five albums and songs please.

12rec. is doing slow but well nevertheless. We saw Bernier & Trottier and Nic Bommarito return with wonderful releases. Plus, as an early highlight, Klotzsch & Krey blessed us with their version of sophisticated environmental music. These days we are publishing the new Crepusculum album, and 2010 will see new music by Giraffe and Milhaven. All you need, no?

Top-5 Songs 2009

Stockfinster - "Knuckle"

Slow - "Miracle"

Shlomo - "Hot Boxing The Cockpit"

Herzog - "Lately I've been dreaming of drinking sound from a fountain"

Cohoba - "Frio Frio"

Top Netlabels 2009

Best Creative Commons Albums 2009

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  • Solid mix. That Herzog track in particular is top shelf.

    Gravatar of Wire Wire said on
    16. Dec 2009 at 1:25 am
    Link #1

  • [...] For all those you dug young Bill Bawden’s EP for 12rec. back then, hurry over and download this gem in textural Ambient music. Track “Lately I’ve been Dreaming of Drinking Sound from a Fountain” was part of my best-of 2009 over at Phlow Magazine… [...]

    Gravatar of New Herzog EP via Resting Bell Netlabel « New Herzog EP via Resting Bell Netlabel « said on
    3. Jan 2010 at 10:55 am
    Link #2