mo.'s free music netlabel charts 2007

mo.'s Top-5 Netlabels, Releases and MP3s

Moritz “mo.” Sauermo. is a journalist and musiclover from Cologne/Germany. He is the editor of, a german weblog about music and netculture. Three months ago he started an (d)english version called to portrait free music distributed by netlabels to a worldwide audience. While digging free music from netlabels all over the globe in the past years he founded the Netlabel Catalogue on some time ago. 2007 was a fabolous year for free music culture. Check out his top-5 netlabels, best 5 netaudio release and his favorite songs in 2007.

mo.'s Netlabel Top 5

  1. Aerotone
  2. Jahtari
  3. 1Bit Wonder
  4. Monotonik
  5. Ansiform

mo.'s Releases Top 5

  1. Nest "Nest EP" (Serein)
  2. This Mess Is Mine - Sign The Drafts EP (Aerotone)
  3. Glander "Vate" (1Bit-Wonder)
  4. Various "Intelligent Toys 4" (Sutemos)
  5. Sonmi451 - The Quiet EP (monotonik)

mo.'s Songs Top 5 (linked mp3s)

  1. Willbe "Zephyr" (Language Lab)
  2. Calendar girl & apeskinny "May apeskinny mix"
  3. Emil Klotzsch "Geteiltes Sein" (One)
  4. Illyah and Ltd. Candy "Fight The Formation" (Jahtari)
  5. paniq "Elektronische Musik"

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